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               THCI Core 核心期刊檢索系統                國科會人文社會科學研究中心網址

History of the Center

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The Center For Humanities Research (CHR) of the National Science Council was established on June 1, 1999 at National Taiwan University pursuant to the order of the Executive Yuan of the Republic of China. The Center receives funding from the NSC to sponsor a wide range of research projects and activities in the humanities. HRC’s goal is to improve the overall research environment and to lay down a solid foundation for state-of-the-art research as well as to raise the standards in humanities research. The Center’s tasks include:

1. Gather the opinions of humanities scholars to develop concerted strategies to improve the overall research environment for humanities research.

2. Build and maintain separate databases germane to the study of the humanities.

3. Locate highly competitive avant-garde research topics and promote pilot studies for interdisciplinary research to achieve excellence.

4. Provide research assistance for junior scholars to build a solid pool of research talents.

5. Encourage the sharing of resources among academic institutions and organizations for research synergy and multi-area growth.

6. Promote international exchanges to expand the frontier of humanities research in Taiwan.

7. Assist the development and evaluation of special research projects commissioned by the NSC.

The Center provides funding for the following categories:

1. Academic Activities: domestic seminars, study groups, study camps, etc.

2. Talent Training Programs: junior scholars advising, summer programs, etc.

3. Scholarly Publication: books, journals, editorial expenses, etc.

4. Research: interdisciplinary integrated projects, large scale pilot studies, planning and coordination of projects, etc.


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